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Business Funding for Dummies

Funding is one of the biggest pain points for small- and medium-sized businesses and one that comes up on a daily basis. Whether you're unsure about how to get a loan, bewildered by equity, unfamiliar with the different options available to you, or confused as to which would be the right solution for your particular business, Business Funding For Dummies provides plain-English, down-to-earth guidance on everything you need to successfully fund your business venture. 

Friendly and authoritative with a dash of humor thrown in for fun, this hands-on guide takes the fear out of funding and walks you step-by-step through the process of ensuring your business is financially viable. From crowd funding and angels to grants and friends, families and fools, it covers every form of funding available and helps you hone in on and secure the ones that are right for your unique needs. 

If you're already the owner or director of a small-to-medium-sized business or looking to start an SME, but have been barking up the wrong tree, Business Funding For Dummies can help you understand the funding landscape as you prepare to secure the funds you need.


"If anyone is raising funding soon I have now done it 3 times and found this book very useful and informative - 'Business Funding for Dummies'." 
Nathaniel Smithies

"By far the best and most up to date book I've read on business funding. It was broken down into easy to digest chapters. It really highlighted the complexities and different options available for start ups and business' looking to expand. Really recommend it to somebody who has a business idea and wants to get it off the ground as it really helps you get into the mindset of validating your ideas and yourself as an entrepreneur, as both you and the business venture will be taken into consideration depending on the channel of fund raising you want to attempt. This has become my bible for business planning and I'm personally in the process of doing my first attempt. This book couldn't have come at a better time."
Jamal Khayyat

"Not normally a "for dummies" fan but Helene makes it work! Engaging & insightful, you can jump between chapters to read what's most relevant to you first without having to go back and check earlier paragraphs. Easy to understand and follow without being condescending. Expert advice from an industry expert, I paid under £20 for guidance that would normally be hundreds (if not thousands) in consultancy/advisory fees. I think it's important to note: it's not just for people who are looking for funding for their business, it's also a valuable guide if you're in the early stages of setting up your company/business idea. Do things right from the start and there's less work down the line if you ever want to consider funding or selling your business."
Amazon Customer

"Helene's advice in putting together our investment package was invaluable. Her knowledge, honesty and insight took us quickly and efficiently to a stage where we had a strong offering and were able to quickly land our first investor. Her no-nonsense New York style and consistency in delivering on her promises makes her stand out from the rabble of slick-talking investment consultants. Unlike many, Helene is the real deal."
Marc Crouch, Managing Director, Umi Digital

Co-Branding Business Funding for Dummies

Co-branding the cover and including your own foreword is a great way to market your business, organisation or personal expertise in conjunction with Helene’s knowledge. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and minimum orders.

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