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Educator, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Mentor

"People think banks aren't lending money. That no-one's investing. That's not true. The money is there if you know where to look, and you have the right proposition"

Helene Panzarino is a passionate and proactive entrepreneur, educator, mentor and commercial advisor with nearly twenty years' experience helping thousands of small- and medium-businesses become investment ready and access millions of pounds of traditional and alternative funding at all stages in their business growth.  Read Helene's full bio here.
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"Helene's advice in putting together our investment package was invaluable. Her knowledge, honesty and insight took us quickly and efficiently to a stage where we had a strong offering and were able to quickly land our first investor.
Her no-nonsense New York style and consistency in delivering on her promises makes her stand out from the rabble of slick-talking investment consultants. Unlike many, Helene is the real deal."
Marc Crouch, Managing Director, Umi Digital

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